Lira content with not having children

Lira content with not having children

Lira and her husband, Robin Kohl, are loving their lives right now. The singer has explained that she and Robin are okay with not having children.  


When asked about the subject of kids during a recent radio interview, she said: "We [and Robin] love what we do and it takes up so much of our time, and I guess when you want kids it's because, I guess, you're ready for it. You feel like you're at a time in your life where you can accommodate kids."

"And I don't see that we are in that space. I picked up when we plan at the beginning of the year, we're all excited like 'yeah, this is what we're gonna do'. Kids don't even come up, like it just does not come up." 

She said they're enjoying their lives. "We're enjoying each other, we're enjoying our marriage, our relationship and just the freedom of our existence is fun. So there's nothing missing."  

She added that they are content. 

Image credit: Instagram

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