LISTEN Dear Reader .......... the drama is back!

LISTEN Dear Reader .......... the drama is back!

As the first autumn chill starts to bite, streaming platforms in South Africa are guaranteed to give everyone a reason to cuddle up under a blanket this week.

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For those seeking to leave planet earth, there's an out-of-this-world battle with aliens in a long awaited new series.

While fans of Bridgerton can get ready for the new season of gossip and drama.

Gerda de Sousa chats with independent TV critic, Thinus Ferreira, about the latest releases that are Streaming Now!


It's the week end that fans of the video game "Halo" have been waiting for. The first season is here and it is packed with action from the first minute with the opening battle for surivors between humans and aliens. The first few minutes is not for the faint hearted, but those old enough to have played the game will know what to expect.

bridgerton 2

Fans of the hit series, "Bridgerton", strap on the corsets and settle in because Lady Whistledown is back. Season 2 of this period drama is said to be packed with new characters and of course, with that comes lots of new letters filled with new gossip. While other dukes may have come and gone, be sure that Queen Charlotte is still there, ruling the land. 

Santiago of the Seas

Little ones still enjoying the school holidays, can explore the world with the new series "Santiago of the Seas". This brave 8-year old pirate and his friends sail the world's oceans to help people and have some adventures. In the process, these sea farers bring some sweet entertainment and education to young viewers.

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