Madonna raises eyebrows with "unsettling" TikTok video

Madonna raises eyebrows with "unsettling" TikTok video

"Can't believe what Madonna has done to herself" - Madonna's fans are worried she is getting too much work done to her face.  

Madonna/ TikTok (@madonna)

At 63 years old, Madonna is one of the most active celebrities on social media platforms such as TikTok. But one video the 'Material Girl' hitmaker shared is getting a lot of unwanted attention. 

The clip shows Madonna leaning into the camera while puckering up her lips for a kiss. Her hit single, 'Frozen', is playing in the background. 

While a pouting woman is hardly out of the ordinary on social media, Madonna's more than four-million followers were shocked by her appearance.  

Many said the Grammy Award winner looked completely unrecognisable with her puffy lips and face. The video was shared on other platforms with scores of people weighing in on the Queen of Pop's "completely unsettling" looks. 

"Can't believe what Madonna has done to herself" one Twitter user wrote.  

Another user added: "Wow,  @Madonna has really had a lot of plastic surgery done." 

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Madonna has since deleted the video. Her fans think she has done too much work to her face and should accept that ageing is a part of life. 

Some accused the star of photoshopping her images and using excessive filters. 

"Yeah I’m sorry but no 63 year old can possibly look like that even with surgery. You need to stop photoshopping yourself, it’s unhealthy and sends people the message it’s wrong to age," one woman commented on an Instagram image of the star. 

Despite the negative feedback, she gets on some of her posts, Madonna continues to have fun on social media. 

She recently shared a video of herself getting a tattoo. Here's a look at some of her other social media posts. 

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