Makhadzi claims record label has not paid her a cent for her album sales

Makhadzi claims record label has not paid her a cent for her album sales

Makhadzi says she is tired of being a "slave" for Open Mic, who she claims has not paid her a cent from her album sales since joining in 2020. 

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Makhadzi has become the latest artist to voice out concerns over exploitation by a record label.  

The multi-award winning artist says since joining Open Mic three years ago, she has not received any money for her album sales. 

This is despite releasing countless hits.

"I signed with open mic only for three years. In this three years I dropped 4 albums," she wrote on Twitter. 

"I have never received any cent of my sales . Some of my album reached platinum some gold . And a lot of hits songs that reached platinum and Gold  .  But I continue to work without complaining," she wrote. 

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The 'Matorokisi' hitmaker says although her contract has ended, Open Mic says her contract is "auto-renewed". 

"All I wanted was to do my things in peace , that’s why I dropped my statement last week without pointing any fingers. Now they are disputing my statement, they are saying my contract is auto renewal."

The singer questioned how they could renew her contract without discussing with her first. 

"And how about my money for my album cz [because] you haven’t never sent any cent ,  how possible is that for you to renew my contract without coming to me, what if I not happy working with you? Must I continue working where as I am not happy , I served my contract , I don’t want to work with them anymore," she wrote. 

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She also shared a letter she received from Open Mic. 

The letter states: "We as Open Mic Productions (the Management) are pleased to inform you that we are hereby renewing or extending the contract period for an additional period of three (3) years with effect from the 09th of March 2023 in terms of clause 6.3 of the Management Agreement into between yourself and Open Mic Productions (PTY) LTD on the 10th of March 2020."

The singer has now opened her own company, Makhadzi Entertainment. 

She says she will not be performing at any event booked through Open Mic. 

"Book me now . Don’t book me via open mic cz [because] honestly I won’t show up , the contract has ended . I don’t want to fight with promoters and my fan."

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