Megan Fox: I've never had a one-night stand

Megan Fox: I've never had a one-night stand

Hollywood star Megan Fox has revealed she has never had a one-night stand in her life.

Megan Fox has never had a one-night stand.

Megan Fox
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She shared: "I can never have sex with someone I don't love, ever.

"The idea makes me sick. I've never even come close to having a one-night stand."

Megan - who recently reunited with her husband Brian Austin Green - turns 30 later this month and has revealed how her love of stargazing has helped to inform her decision-making as the milestone approaches.

She told the Sun on Sunday newspaper: "There's something in astrology called your Saturn return.

"Saturn is the planet of karma and responsibility and life lessons take 30 years to orbit your chart, so usually everyone in their 30th year has some self-realisation to ensure they're going in the right direction.

"Or people who are extremely lost have some sort of a breaking point, some sort of a low that they hit around that year.

"That's definitely what has happened for me, getting to a point where I can't deal with things that feel unnecessary."

Meanwhile, the actress also said she agonises about her next career move, admitting starring in movies is not something that really gets her juices flowing.

She said: "It's not something I'm necessarily passionate about, so I've asked myself this question for the last few years, 'What is it that I'm here for and where are my passions?'

"I got to this place without any effort, I'm not very ambitious. It's strange I keep getting offered these movies that are big, tent-pole franchises.

"So I've always wondered why it is happening to me when I put no effort into it. There has to be a reason.

"So I'm just trying to figure out exactly what that is and what that means.

"I'm not trying to deny it or reject it, I just have to incorporate it with other things I like."

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