Minnie Dlamini buys her parents a car

Minnie Dlamini buys her parents a car

Minnie just won the daughter of the year award after giving her parents a bread new BMW. 

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There's nothing sweeter than putting a smile on your parents' faces - especially when the happy moment is courtesy of a brand new car. 

The award for best daughter of the year goes to Minnie Dlamini, we (including her parents) were never ready for the great gift she just presented to her folks.

The media personality bought the two most important people in her life a brand new BMW car. She shared the beautiful moment on her Instagram page as she showed a video of her presenting her mom with the keys.

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Minnie's mom, who initially thought the car was her daughter's, was shocked when Minnie told her that the car was actually hers. 

BEST DAY EVER ❤️😊 Bought a car for my parents 🎉😍

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The gift brought tears to her eyes, and she gazed at her daughter in disbelief.

People on social media have expressed how touching and inspirational Minnie's gesture is and have expressed they too hope to do the same thing for their parents.

Of course, our favorite tweet had to be this one. We doubt Minnie's mom is going to be stunting at church like this, but hey, why not!

And folks if you can't manage to buy your parents a car, a phone call to tell them how much you appreciate and love them should suffice too.

Respect to Minnie for inspiring others to continue making their parents proud.

Image Credit: Instagram

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