Minnie Dlamini's wedding reality series coming to a TV near you

Minnie Dlamini's wedding reality series coming to a TV near you

Set your PVR - Minnie Dlamini's wedding TV special airs tonight!

Minnie Dlamini

The South African sweetheart is writing her own story and has decided to give South Africans an intimate look inside her marriage and wedding to TV director Quinton Jones.

The couple's three-part wedding reality TV series, 'Minnie Dlamini: Becoming Mrs Jones', premieres on VUZU Amp (DStv 103) at 19:30.

Dlamini says the series is about controlling the narrative in the media.

"Media coverage of my career, my success, my failures and my personal life has happened without my control, without my input and in most cases, without my approval. This, however, is my story and I'm telling it my way," she says in the video posted on Instagram.

In an interview on Breakfast with Martin Bester & Tumi Morake, Dlamini says she met her husband seven years ago while she was an assistant runner at Urban Brew.

If you've seen this trailer, you'll know 'Becoming Mrs Jones' is not to be missed. 

The first episode will take the viewers through the wedding planning process. 

The second episode follows Dlamini to Paris where her and her bridesmaids enjoyed a lavish bachelorette party. Viewers will also get a look inside the couple's traditional wedding in this episode.

And probably, the most anticipated - the final episode will places viewers at the couple's elegant white wedding.

You know where we'll be at 19:30!

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