Music is King - A celebration of culture
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Music is King - A celebration of culture

Music lovers are in for a real treat with DJ Black Coffee in the country to play what has been described as ‘a mind blowing set’ next week after being on the road for more than a year. 


The music festival, “Music is King”, will take place at TicketPro Dome next week Saturday and is set to bring various artists under one roof. 

“DJ Black Coffee had a vision to come up with a project called Music is King, to bring together various types of music from different music genres.

“Be it hip-hop, be it dance music and house music all under one roof, to try and get different subcultures under one roof, jamming and dancing together in celebrating music as well,” says festival head Thereso Selesho.

The festival will host both local and international artists under one roof.

Thandiswa Mazwai, Shekhinah, Monique Bingham, Swizz Beatz, Burna Boy and Kenzhero will be some of the artists that headlining the lineup.

However, the festival will not be confined to music.

“The concept is not just about music there are some art elements. We have surprise artists that I can’t mention at the moment. There is a contemporary artist that will be joining us from the US that DJ Black Coffee has invited to come out. There are some photographers that we are collaborating with and some fashion designers that will be dressing some of the artists. It’s a celebration of culture more than anything not just music, but brought together and woven together under the umbrella of music,” adds Selesho. 

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