Nataniël’s new show set to wow

Nataniël’s new show set to wow

Multitalented stalwart of the SA entertainment industry, Nataniël is more than just a producer, director, designer, playwright, public speaker and performer – he is a true icon of stage and screen. 

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Nataniël will return to the Theatre of Marcellus stage at Emperors Palace with a new stage production, Mannequin, from 18 August to 25 September 2016. 

The production tells the story of an author who toys with the idea of writing a book about the life of a reclusive tailor. 

Mannequin is the story told by his tailor.

A tale of surprise, fear, cruelty, humour, truth and fantasy. The show will not only feature original music, but also Nataniël’s surprise versions of a few of the world’s best known songs from the late sixties and the eighties.

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Nataniël will share the stage with long-time fellow musicians Charl du Plessis, Juan Oosthuizen, Werner Spies, Hugo Radyn and favourite singers Nicolaas Swart and Dihan Slabbert.


Mannequin is set to captivate audiences with its masterful blend of music, storytelling and breathtaking costumes.

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