Netflix bids farewell to popular series

Netflix bids farewell to popular series

Netflix has alerted fans that they will soon remove a popular series from the streaming platform.

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Anyone who is a fan of supernatural programmes has to have 'Vampire Diaries' right at the top of the list, or at least in the top 3.

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The series is based on Elena Gilbert’s love triangle with the Salvatore brothers and the supernatural town of Mystic Falls.

If you have not watched it, Netflix put in an alert out for the likes of you to hurry and catch up, as it will be removed from the streaming platform due to licence agreements.

The licence has come to an immediate end in the USA and remains in other countries into the year 2023.

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A fan had a funny response to the news, saying: "Learning that Netflix is taking The Vampire Diaries off has negatively impacted my mental health more than anything else has in my entire life."

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