Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato in love?

Nick Jonas & Demi Lovato in love?

Nick Jonas says he has a "real and genuine" chemistry with close pal Demi Lovato. 

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The 'Jealous' hitmaker has praised the 'Cool for the Summer' singer - who he is joining on tour later this year - insists they have always been "very open" and respectful of each other's views.

He said: "We've always had very open communication and we're very honest with one another. There's also a real and genuine comfort level between us. And I think a lot of our chemistry comes from that.

"She has been very close friend and business partner for nearly ten years. I'm in constant awe of how powerful her voice is and in my opinion she's truly one of the most talented artists out there."

The 23-year-old singer and Demi, also 23, are both "very hands on" when it comes to planning for their tour.

He added: "We're really putting everything in to this tour and working with some of the best in the business to bring our visions to life. Demi and I both tend to be very hands on with anything that we're a part of, so we sit in on every creative meetings and we each come to the table with ideas.

"The idea of Future Now will come to life in a way that we want the fans who come to these shows to feel like they're a part of something unexpected and special from the moment they walk in to the venue till the moment they leave."

Nick - who has type 1 diabetes - has also been focusing on keeping fit but insists it is not for vanity purposes.

He told "Being healthy and active has always been a huge priority for me and both of these things allow me to keep my head clear. There's no pressure to look a certain way. Life and work can always take over if you allow them to, and I like taking care of myself because I know that's when I'm able to do my best work."

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