Pamela Anderson launches vegan cooking show

Pamela Anderson launches vegan cooking show

'Baywatch' star Pamela Anderson has created a vegan cooking show online.

Pamela Anderson
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The 48-year-old 'Baywatch' star is a staunch animal rights campaigner and has now launched her own online cookery programme via website, which combines her culinary skills and her activism.

A biography of the actress on the website reads: "Artist, Activist, Author ... Best known for her roles in Baywatch, VIP, Barb Wire and Borat ... And - for her 20 years of relentless Activism - Protecting Animals, the Environment and vulnerable people - Her foundation Pamela Anderson Foundation supports people on the front lines... Including an edgy activist tenure program. - Determined to make a difference. (sic)"

The website features a range of vegan-friendly recipes that are designed to be fun, energetic and good for your general mood.

She has created the website in conjunction with Delahna Flagg, who has spent the last 20 years working in the food and nutrition industry.

Delahna's biography reads: "Since culinary school she was seduced by aphrodisiacs and has studied nutrition and holistic wellness to encourage healthy living through sexy eating. Delahna hopes one day she can convince the world that food and love are the best medicine."

Meanwhile, Pamela has announced the launch of two vegan accessory lines, including Pammies, a cruelty-free boot that comes in five colours and three styles. 

The actress is also set to launch another range which includes an additional seven shoe designs and a beach bag.

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