PICS: Maps & Nomzamo in LOVE?

PICS: Maps & Nomzamo in LOVE?

Nomzamo Mbatha and Maps Maponyane have denied countless times they're dating, but a vacation in Italy has us thinking otherwise.


Ok, so Nomzamo Mbatha recently made it clear that she and Maps Maponyane are nothing but good friends who support each other in everything they do. This silenced all the rumours that were running amok about the two possibly being in a relationship.

However, our prying eye realised that the two are actually vacationing in Italy, at the same time.

Now, we’re not saying they’re on vacation TOGETHER, they could’ve coincidently booked their vacation, in the same country, and went there in the same week. Maybe they’re working on a sequel to their recent romantic movie Tell Me Sweet Something… right?

Nomzamo has always been someone about business, leaving little to nothing about her private life for us to feed off. However, it seems like the actress and South Africa’s ultimate Alpha male have let things slip a bit. Both personalities have been simultaneously sharing pictures of their awesome vacation in Italy.

Also, it is not only the pictures that spiked our curiosity of the two possibly dating. Maps' recent heartfelt birthday message to Nomzamo not only had us swooning, but also made us raise an eyebrow at how deep his message to Nomzamo, his “buddy”, was

We find it so cute how many times Maps uses the word “buddy” in his posts - it’s like the word “buddy” is his undercover word for “bae”. Look, he always mentions Nomzamo as his “buddy”, but this post raised a few eyebrows.

In another recent post, Maps also tweeted this sweet message indicating how much joy and laughter this special woman brings to his life. We've interviewed Nomzamo before and she's such a funny lady - she made us laugh uncontrollably too.

Let's not front, these two would make such a great celebrity couple, but then again, this could just be a coincidence... you decide.

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