Rebecca Malope wanrs youth about fame

Rebecca Malope warns youth about fame

Rebecca Malope warns the youth about fame and the importance of sheer hard work.

Dr Rebecca Malope on the Martin Bester Drive

With a career that spans over 30 years, Rebecca Malope has not only become one of South Africa’s most successful gospel singers, but also a great mentor for all musicians and entertainment personalities who have been knocking on the industry's door.

Speaking to ZAlebs, Rebecca Malope placed emphasis on the fact that nothing beats hard work when you want to be a part of this industry. Setting goals and working towards them will always be what makes you succeed.

“Honestly, nothing beats hard work and being focused on your goals and just being determined at all times. God is always there to guide you, all the way. Also, I’d like to say to the young ones that they must not be blinded by fame, fame is very dangerous.

"That’s why sometimes we see young people in the industry getting frustrated and doing wrong things because they want to get into this industry just because they wanted to be famous.

"Come to the industry because you want to showcase your art, come into the industry with the mind-set of wanting to make yourself and fellow South Africans proud. Make the world recognise South Africa for its talent.

"Also, educate yourself about the important things like contracts, sustaining yourself in the industry, and again improving your craft."

In 2016, we also saw Rebecca, who is known as “Sis Ribs” by the youth, join Mzansi Magic’s successful musical show, Clash of the Choirs, as one of its judges. Rebecca expressed that more than anything she appreciated what the youth of the show taught her.

“What I appreciated about being a judge on Clash of the Choirs is the fact that I got to truly understand the youth and be in their shoes, being on that show truly made the child within me come alive again.

"I learned to speak the youth’s language and understand them better, including their frustrations and just being able to be there as a mother and let them know that everything is just going to be ok. Being on Clash of the Choirs was one of my greatest experiences because I dealt with the youth, more than anything they taught me about myself and vice versa.”

One of our most memorable parts of the show was when Riky Rick pulled her on stage and began dancing with her. We asked the legendary Gospel singer what was running through her mind when the rapper approached her for a dance?

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