Remembering AKA a year after his passing

Remembering AKA a year after his passing

Fans of AKA are still waiting for answers one year after his gruesome death.

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February 10 marks one year since South African rapper Kiernan 'AKA' Forbes was shot dead on Florida Road in Durban. 

The 'Lemons' hitmaker was gunned down in what appears to be an assassination. He was approached by two armed men at the entrance of Wish Restaurant. One of the men shot him in the head at close range. 

AKA's close friend, Tebello 'Tibz' Motsoane, was caught in the crossfire. He sadly passed away as well. 

Despite Police Minister Bheki Cele assuring the public that officers are hot on the heels of the perpetrators, no arrests have been made.

Police have allegedly found the getaway car and the gun used in the crime. Two witnesses are reportedly under police protection.

Cele's update in December did little to appease public anger over the case. The rapper's fans are desperate for answers, but have no faith in SA's justice system. 

AKA's family believes his murder was a well-funded hit. During a recent interview on the 'Within With Hazel' podcast, his father - Tony Forbes - said a lot of planning was done to carry out his murder.

"It took planning, it required resources. So, it definitely wasn't a random case. The guy walks around, targets Kiernan, and shoots him in the head. How is that random? There's a second shooter that tries to make sure that the job is done. There's nothing random about that," he said. 

Tony also reflected on the day he found out that his eldest son had been killed.

AKA's family continues to keep his legacy alive.

His mother, Lynn Forbes, has remained close with DJ Zinhle - the mother of AKA's daughter Kairo, and Nadia Nakai, who was dating the rapper at the time of his death. 

Lynn recently promoted Nadia's tribute song to AKA, 'Never Leave', on her Instagram page. She included a clip of AKA and Kairo playing with his dogs. 

The Forbes family has also set up a foundation in his honour. The Kiernan Forbes Foundation was launched a few days after AKA's birthday.

The rapper would have turned 36 on January 28.

The family says they will use his foundation to develop young South Africans within the music industry, education, and broader art world.

"His impact on the world will never be forgotten."

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