REVEALED: David Bowie was working on new album

REVEALED: David Bowie was working on new album

David Bowie's ex Claudia Lennear has told how he was working with her on a new album before he died.

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Claudia Lennear has revealed she was working on new material with the late musician - who died on January 10 after losing his battle with terminal liver cancer - and the last text message he sent her just days before his death was to remind her to send over some song lyrics. 

He wrote: "Send me some lyrics. Don't forget."

The 68-year-old soul singer - who also once dated Sir Mick Jagger - was shocked when a friend messaged her to say the 'Starman' hitmaker had passed away because she didn't even know he was ill. 

She told Daily Mail Online: "I had no idea that he was fighting a health timeline. If I had known I would have totally hustled to get things together.

"He just looked like David getting older. He didn't look sick to me. And his voice was the David I always heard - that I always knew."

Claudia is "heartbroken" that David didn't confide in her about his terminal cancer, but she is determined to finish the work they started - she wrote the lyrics and David the music - and dedicate the album to him. 

She explained: "David is the type of person who - when he makes a commitment to do something - he sees it through from point A to point Z. He gets the project done.

"Back in the day, if he saw that I completed something it was always, 'Good girl.'

"I would look at him and say, 'David, you're making me seem like some trained animal.

"And then we'd laugh, but that was just his affirmation.

"So that's why I think I'm going to go ahead and see this project through and just dedicate it to him."

Claudia knew David was married to Angie Bowie - who he tied the knot with in 1970 and divorced in 1980 - when they were dating but insists it didn't bother her, however she knew nothing of the wild parties that would reportedly take place at his house in London. 

She said: "If he did have other girlfriends it was kept from me, otherwise I probably would not have kept my door unlocked for him.

"I have a certain level of tolerance. If David was having wild times in London, I knew nothing of it."

Claudia and David's romance came to an end after she stormed out in a "rage of anger about a certain incident" which she refuses to discuss, but now admits the late musician is one of her "biggest regrets or [her] life".

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