Robbie Williams: I've been sleep-eating
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Robbie Williams: I've been sleep-eating

'Angel' hitmaker Robbie Williams has started sleep-eating and on Wednesday night (27.04.16) he went to the fridge whilst dreaming to get himself a late night snack.

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The 'Angel' hitmaker woke up in the middle of the night and raided his fridge for a tasty treat but had no recollection of his dream-induced foraging, which goes by the medical name nocturnal sleep-related eating disorder (NS-RED).

The 42-year-old star confessed to his 2.4 million Twitter followers on Thursday (28.04.16) he enjoyed the nocturnal feast in the kitchen whilst "sleepwalking" on Wednesday evening (27.04.16), tweeting: "So this actually happened: Sleep walking to the fridge. Then sleep eating. Found out the next day."

Sleep-eating is less common as simply sleepwalking but causes a person to walk into the kitchen and prepare food without any memory of doing so.

If Robbie - who married Ayda Field, 36, in 2010 - continues to dive into the family fridge and cupboards for food whilst asleep he could seek treatment through having his brain activity monitored, limiting his intake of alcohol and caffeine, undergoing counselling or using methods to release stress and anxiety, which are known causes of the disorder.

Perhaps Robbie isn't getting enough calories to satisfy his hunger, as the Take That star's spouse revealed he isn't the most prolific cook and would live on takeaways if she let him.

Ayda - who has two children, daughter Teddy, three, and 17-month-old son Charlton, with Robbie - previously spilled: "If it was up to Rob we'd be eating Nando's and salad cream through morning noon and night. Rob is now 42, for the first time I took him to the supermarket. He is like a 15 year old boy ... He literally had no idea. He was like, 'This is amazing, they've got everything.' I was like, 'That's what you do at the supermarket.' It was a revelation to him!"

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