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SA film picked up for international distribution

The producers of the local film, Tess, Paul Egan and Kim Williams announced that the award-winning film has been picked up by The Little Film Company for international distribution.


The Little Film Company, a motion picture sales and marketing company founded by Robbie and Ellen Little, is no stranger to the South African film industry, the company previously distributed the 2005 Academy Award Best Foreign Picture winner Tsotsi.

 "Tess is a very moving and provocative film and we are all incredibly excited to be bringing it to the world", said Robbie Little.

Tess, based on the novel Whiplash by Tracey Farren, is directed by Meg Rickards and stars award winner Christia Visser in the title role. 

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The film's searing portrait of a young street walker, trying by any means possible to exorcise the ghosts of her past, has had festival audiences spellbound and Visser has been praised for her brilliant portrayal.

While the film has been invited to a number of international film festivals and was a contender as the South African entry as Best Foreign Film for this year's Oscars, having The Little Film Company acquiring the film means that it will be exposed to a huge international audience.

It will hit the circuit on the 24th of February.

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