Sam Smith has relationships for inspiration

Sam Smith has relationships for inspiration

Sam Smith gets involved in relationships so he has material to inspire his songwriting.

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The 'Writing's On the Wall' singer draws on his personal life when penning new tracks and admits he often meets guys just so he has something to say.

Asked by BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac if he ever feels like he has to go in and out of relationships just to create content for his songwriting, he said: "I'd be lying if I said no.

"Sometimes I'll be lying in bed with someone and think, 'This would be a sick song'."

Despite the success he has already experienced, Sam, 23, doesn't want to continue putting out music into his 50s like his idol George Michael, as he wants to settle down on a farm and have a family of his own.

He added:

I write love songs and I'm forever going in and out of relationships and wanting to say things about life and love, and if I had nothing to say over the last year then that's mental because so much has happened to me Asked if he wants to settle down, he said: "100%, yeah, and I'm saying it now and I'm addicted to making music but I don't know if I want to do that forever because there does come a point when you think what else can I say and you leave it on a high."

But the 'Stay With Me' hitmaker admitted he is "the worst" at chatting up guys, joking he just "shows them [his] Grammys" to win over men who catch his eye.

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