So, what will you watch first?

So, what will you watch first?

If you have for long wished upon a star for the magic of Disney+, then it's all come true. 


The streaming service from The Walt Disney Company launched in South Africa this week in what has been described as a historic moment that will reshape streaming and forever change the way we are entertained in our homes.

In the last episode of this season of Streaming Now!, Gerda de Sousa spoke to TV experts to hear what they will watch first.

Independent TV critic Thinus Ferreira is going to dig around in the massive Disney archive to find those classics that he missed out on as a child.

Entertainment journalist Tinashe Venge is keeping up with the times and can’t contain his excitement about the Kardashians returning to his device.

TV Plus editor Lucia Poolman wants to see her daughter’s face light up when she shows her one of her favourite old school movies.

Listen to their chat …….


Disney+ will cost R119 per month, or R1 190 for an annual subscription.

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