Unathi: Come to the gym with me

Unathi: Come to the gym with me

It's quite rare for a celebrity to invite you to go to gym with them, but for Unathi Msengana, it's something that's perfectly fine with her.


We’ve been hearing the term, “Summer bodies are made in Winter”, quite often since the winter season began, and instead of showing off how hard she’s been working towards keeping her summer body, Unathi Msengana has shifted the paradigm. The Idols SA judge has found a way to help people who have been struggling with getting back into shape in a very cool and interesting way; she’s decided to walk down the cumbersome path of losing weight with you.

Together with Virgin Active, Unathi has organised an invite-only gym class, where she’ll invite a certain number of people for an hour of serious sweating. Unathi is inviting only those who will be attending her “A Better You” seminar, to be hosted by her on 1 August.

The seminar focuses on how Unathi lost 30kgs and how she turned her life around to help others. The seminar will also include the specialists who helped her achieve her success.

Now we all know how draining the thought of going to gym can be, but you can only imagine how worthwhile it will be when you actually go to gym and sweat the fat off alongside the likes of Unathi and her professional specialists.

It’s clear that Unathi wants to see a better you. Just a few weeks back, Unathi shared various images of women who have lost a considerable amount of weight as a form of motivation for the rest of us.

Kudos to Unathi for consistently striving to make people feel good about themselves.

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