The Voice SA: More talent take to the stage

The Voice SA: More talent take to the stage

As we hit the halfway mark of the blind auditions of The Voice SA this coming Sunday, the four coaches still have some spots to fill on their respective teams.

Karin Zoid The Voice SA

This week fans can expect more talent from the Port Elizabeth as well as the youngest contestant of the season - fresh out of high school.

Team Lira:

Soulful songstress Lira currently has a total of seven talents in her team, meaning that there are only five spots left. Her team includes four powerhouse and uniquely distinct female vocalists; Bubbles Mnomiya, Tender Mavundla, Jacqueline Tolken, Amanda Faku, Luke Lovemore, Aston Wylie, Andrew Snyders.

Team Kahn:

Last season's winning coach Kahn Morbee is the one mentor who has historically been drawn to the more left-of-centre performers and singers with the most distinctly different sounds. With only four singers in Kahn's team so far, he has the luxury of being more liberal with his buzzer.

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Team Karen:

Karen Zoid, always a fierce competitor in the red chairs, has also remained cautious and calculated in her chair turns thus far. In her current team of five are two powerful female performers who both tried out last season without any luck, but returned to the show this year to set the coaches' chairs spinning.

Team Bobby:

Bobby van Jaarsveld's team tally also sits on five performers to date. As the youngest coach on the show, Bobby also seems to be selecting younger, fresh talent for his team this time around.

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