WATCH: Adele's Grammy performance falls flat

WATCH: Adele's Grammy performance falls flat

The Grammy Awards is the biggest, most glamorous night in the music calendar each year -- a star-studded evening of some unforgettable performances... and others that fall flat.

Adele snow day announcement

Monday's gala in Los Angeles was no different. 

Backlit beside a grand piano, 10-time Grammy winner Adele looked her usual sultry self -- but she sounded anything but. 

The British songstress belted out power ballad "All I Ask" during a performance beset by technical problems. At times, the singer sounded out of tune.

Viewers at home took to Twitter to complain about the poor sound quality after it cut out midway through the song, with some accusing the guitarist of playing out of key.

The problems appeared to push Adele off kilter, as she too began to lose concentration with an uncharacteristically off-key performance.

Later, she tweeted, "The piano mics fell on to the piano strings, that's what the guitar sound was. It made it sound out of tune. Shit happens."

But she sounded upbeat, saying she was treating herself to a burger from fast food chain In-N-Out over the mishap and adding: "So maybe it was worth it."

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