[WATCH] Naomi Campbell travels with full Hazmat suit

[WATCH] Naomi Campbell travels with full Hazmat suit

Supermodel, Naomi Campbell wears a full hazmat suit and a mask as a precautionary measure against the spread of coronavirus. 

Naomi Camobell safety tips bodysuit and car

Campbell posted a series of photos on social media while checking in at Los Angeles International Airport - dressed in a full-body white hazmat suit, a blue face mask, safety goggles and purple gloves. 

The 49-year old captioned the picture: "Safety First NEXT LEVEL," and a number of people responded positively encouraging her to carry on taking such precautions.

One comment read: "I'm with you entirely," while another dubbed her the 'queen of hygienic travel'. Someone else added: "Omg!!!!! Certainly next level. Love it. Keep safe!"

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