Somizi Mhlongos bae surprises him with extravagant gifts

Watch: Somizi Mhlongo's 'bae' surprises him with luxurious gifts

Somgaga received lots of extravagant gifts this Valentine's Day. Is there a new man in the picture? 

Somizi Mhlongo
Somizi Mhlongo / Instagram

South African media personality Somizi Mhlongo is celebrating his Valentine's Day in style. 

The star has taken to Instagram to share a video of the presents he received from his 'bae'. 

"From bae to me. Ps: hurry up with yo valentine's things coz once @leratokganyago posts its game over," he wrote. 

The presents were wrapped in Louis Vuitton and Gucci shopping bags.

Somizi set the record straight that he is not seeing anyone at the moment and he actually bought the presents for himself. 

"There is no babe, niks. I surprised myself. Oh my gosh," he said in the video. 

In a second video, the star shared a video of how he will be entering into his next relationship. 

"Me running into a new relationship like," he said. 

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At the beginning of the month, Somizi took to Instagram to share that he will be accepting Valentine's Day date requests. 

Below were his requirements. 

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"I'm taking bookings for valentine's day......for those that dont have dates .... not that i don't have any valentine's.....mine starts at 8pm so I'm available before 8," he wrote on Instagram. 

He then wrote down a list of all his requirements. 

For R70k, Somizi will go on a two-hour date.  

"U pick me up in a urus. One on one date. Hold hands. I laugh at yo every joke. I say I LOVE U TOO. KISS goodbye," he wrote. 

"R50k. We meet at the restaurant. Hold hands. I laugh at 3 jokes. No kissing. R25k Drive through date. R15k Via WhatsApp video call 5 minutes. R5k I send u u a HAPPY VALENTINE'S IMOJI. R2K HI 5," he wrote. 

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