WATCH: Wendy Williams reveals big news!

WATCH: Wendy Williams reveals big news!

The 'Queen Of All Media' Wendy Williams revealed her future plans after her award-winning talk show was cancelled after 13 years. 

Wendy Williams

On Friday, 17 June, 'The Wendy Williams Show' came to an end after 13 years. 

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The media mogul Wendy Williams has been dealing with health problems since 2020 and officially went on medical leave last September. 

Since being on leave, several celebrities have been standing in on the show. 

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In March, Williams broke her silence in an interview with Good Morning America, and assured fans that she will make her return to the show "bigger and brighter".

Sadly, the much-loved show officially came to an end. 

Williams spoke out and revealed that she will be working on a podcast. 

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"Podcasts of course. Which will make more money for me than during the TV show."

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