Would you watch a Bonang Matheba reality TV show?

Would you watch a Bonang Matheba reality TV show?

 MorneJK thinks yes. 

Queen B is doing her thang! And doing it well. 


Before long we are going to see her living the good life on our screens. Exciting indeed. 

After much speculation, Times LIVE confirmed that Bonang landed her very own reality TV show and that filming is already underway.


But becoming not just an A-lister, but a sought  after brand in Mzanzi takes a a helluva lot of work - now you and I are going to see just how much it takes to be the Queen herself. 

 Brand and PR expert, Jarred Doyle is very excited about the reality TV show -  and the fact that Bonang is probably being paid buckets to put her whole life on display.

"There's no doubt about the fact that she's being paid quite a bit of money, because you don't get to Bonang's level without being a great negotiator," Doyle says.

He cautions however that there are pitfalls to having your own reality TV show, with some celebrities complaining of not having a personal life.


Doyle says fame is fickle and it is a catch-22 situation when it comes to portraying a public image versus who you are in your personal life.

bonang rich.PNG

"Bonang has always been a leader and it is the natural next step for her because everyone is looking for local reality TV shows," he says.


Although details around the reality TV show are still pretty sketchy Doyle says, knowing Bonang, she will give South Africans exactly what they want when it comes to "life in the spotlight."

"Reality shows are really popular in South Africa, I mean look at Our Perfect Wedding or Date My Family. Knowing Bonang she would probably have a full-on reality show that will include her work life as well as personal life," Doyle says.

Many are wondering if Bonang's A-list boyfriend, AKA, will be part of the show. 

Bonang Glam.PNG

Doyle reckons if one tweet from the rapper can set social media alight, he loves the reaction and would likely feature prominently on the reality TV show.


"What would work is if producers focus on the hard work that Bonang puts in from hosting her radio show, being a TV presenter and making appearances. People don't know that she actually has a glam-squad that helps her get ready for any event and that creates this sense of a fantasy world that viewers are drawn to," Doyle says.

AKA is known for speaking his mind and not holding back on social media, so he would undoubtedly make for interesting TV.


As far as the actual content of the show goes, it remains to be seen exactly what Queen B will share, but there is no doubt that it will be the hottest reality show on our screens.

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