Youth Day: SA celebrities have their say

Youth Day: SA celebrities have their say

As South Africa commemorates the Soweto uprisings of 1976, South African musicians and actors have spoken of the confidence they have in the country’s young people. 

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Veteran actress Shaleen Surtie-Richards cautions however, that elders should still be there to guide the young ones and that their advice shouldn't be ignored.

"We mustn't just revel in the bad stuff that has happened. We must revel in the stuff that can teach us something."

She says if sad stories with happy endings teach us something, she's all for it.

"We must not just say things because we want to create havoc or we want to create drama. You should create drama as a lesson. A way to go forward."

Shaleen says she is a firm believer of investing in the youth, since they are the leaders of tomorrow. But she cautions that the youth must be willing to be guided by their elders.

Singer Kyle Grant says it is important for young people to have dreams and to realise that they have what it takes to achieve those dreams.

"Always remember what your parents taught you and remember to work hard to achieve your dreams," he says.

Actress and business woman Annie Malan says young people must realise that their journey has only just begun.

"You must revel in the fact that you are South African and it doesn't matter what your background is. The older generation is jealous of you!"

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