16 Days of Activism: Thusong Youth Centre looking out for Alexandra's youth

16 Days of Activism: Thusong Youth Centre looking out for Alexandra's youth

The Thusong Youth Centre in Alexandra opens its doors to the township's children who fend for themselves.

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Children driven from their homes due to poverty and abuse are cared for by the centre and its Director, Beauty More.


More says the centre was established in 1979 following riots.


"There was nothing that the youth of Alexandra could do, so the idea was born. The community of Alexandra and the community of Sandton came together and asked what could be done for Alexandra children and the idea was to build the Thusong Youth Centre so the children could have somewhere to go," says more. 


Thusong Youth Centre is involved in a number of community projects including training and skills development in a number of fields:


- sewing, computer skills, public speaking and visual arts, Kung-fu and Karate classes, gymnastics, trampoline and aerobics

- recording studio

- counselling and rehabilitation of paroled convicts

- active learning toy library

- drama, dancing and music and other performing arts

- additional mathematics lessons for grade 8-12

- children against pornography campaigns

- feeding scheme

- counselling for parolees

- orphans and vulnerable children

The centre found that most of the children are abused; physically, emotionally and sexually. 


Thusong Youth Centre started with 15 children and the number grew to 260 children who registered with the centre.


More says she works closely with abused children and gets the necessary help from police when needed.


"Whatever happens in Alexandra, I'm the first person to go and see it," says More.


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