3 teachers suspended amid pregnancy crisis at NC school

3 teachers suspended amid pregnancy crisis at NC school

The Northern Cape Department of Education says three teachers have been suspended following allegations that they were in a sexual relationship with pupils.

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The department's spokesperson, Geoffrey van der Merwe, says the teachers from the  Bothithong High School have been placed on precautionary suspension. 

"We have ruled out the allegations relating to the impregnating of learners, due to insufficient evidence provided during our investigation."

Sixteen pupils have fallen pregnant at the school over the past three years, but there are reports suggesting the number could be as high as 30. Allegations have also been made against some of the teachers at the school. 

"It is important to ensure that all legislative processes are followed in terms of the disciplinary code to ensure that the process is fair to both the complainants and the alleged perpetrators," says van der Merwe.

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