34 pigs killed in North West swine fever outbreak

34 pigs killed in North West swine fever outbreak

Reports of an African swine fever outbreak in the North West have been confirmed.


Thirty-four pigs have died as a result.

Tests were conducted on free range pigs at Doornhoek Farm in Lichtenburg after a farmer reported the death of several pigs.

According to the Director of Veterinary services in the North West, Dr Langa Madyibi, the outbreak is confined to one farm.

"As far as we know it's been confined to that one farm. We have plans to determine the extent of the spread of the disease. There's quite a good number of farms. There's also a nature conservation close to that area so our survey in extent of finding out is going to go and cover all those areas, all those neighbouring farms and surrounding farms, together with the nature reserve."

Madyibi adds: "Our plans basically is going to be to try and contain the disease within the farm where it is. We've been to the farm, we're just going to go to ensure, through control measures, that the farm is going to be quarantined just to make sure nothing goes out of the place to carry the spread over into any other place by any chance."

The outbreak occurred outside South Africa’s control zone for the disease and may be linked to contact with wild animals.

Madyibi says they have embarked on an awareness campaign on surrounding farms to ensure that disease remains contained


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