60 injured in bus accident on N1 near Musina

60 injured in bus accident on N1 near Musina

At least 60 people were injured during the early hours of Monday morning when a bus overturned on the N1 north in Musina, Limpopo. 

ER24 Firestation

According to ER24 paramedics arrived on the scne at 1.30am and found the bus lying on its side with several occupants from the bus were sitting near the wreckage. 

"Paramedics assessed the injured and found that they all sustained minor to moderate injuries. No one sustained any serious injuries and no fatalities were found on the scene. The injured were treated for injuries varying from minor cuts and bruises to possible back and neck injuries," ER24 said in a statement.

According to spokesperson, Werner Vermaak, the occupants were on their way to Malawi from Johannesburg when the incident occurred.

"The exact cause of the incident is not yet known. Local authorities attended the scene," Vermaak said.

- Press Release

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