66 Gauteng cops dismissed for crimes, misconduct

66 Gauteng cops dismissed for crimes, misconduct

Gauteng police have fired 66 officers involved in a range of criminal offences and misconduct.


The police officers were dismissed between April and September this year.

Gauteng police spokesperson Lungelo Dlamini says six were found to have been involved in serious crimes including aiding prisoners to escape and rape. 

"Seventeen of them were involved in corruption," he said. 

He says ridding the police force of rotten apples is done in an effort to professionalise the service.

"As bad elements are a burden to the police and the community, police will continue to deal effectively with corrupt and criminal elements in the service."

Ten of the officers were dismissed for misconduct including absence, insubordination and defeating the ends of justice.

Citizens are urged to report corrupt police officers. 

"Taking action against bad elements in the service must be seen as a commitment by management to work towards a better police service," Dlamini adds.

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