Accident: Boy flung 30 meters into the air

Accident: Boy flung 30 meters into the air

NetCare 911 paramedics responded to a collision on the N1 in Pretoria near Pyramid on Tuesday morning. 

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According to NetCare 911's Chris Botha a truck had lost a load of vegetables across the roadway where after a vehicle overturned.


Two adults and two children aged five and ten were critically injured in the accident.


"Paramedics arrived at the scene and found the roadway littered with the vegetables, accident debris and the twisted frame of the vehicle," Botha said.


He added that paramedics initially only found one child and after a frantic search medics and firemen found the five-year-old boy 30 meters from the wreckage.


"The boy was catapulted out of the vehicle and landed thirty meters above the roadway on a bridge," Botha said.


Medics stabilised the injured at the scene before they transported them to a specialised hospital for the care that they required.

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