'The accident was traumatic', says Duduzane Zuma

'The accident was traumatic', says Duduzane Zuma

Dududzane Zuma has told the Randburg Magistrates Court that he held on to the steering wheel of his Porsche for dear life before colliding with a taxi on the M1 in 2014.

Duduzane Zuma and Former president Jacob Zuma. PHOTO: Sibahle Motha

Zuma was initially facing two charges of culpable homicide as one of the other victims of the crash died later in hospital. 


It was later established that the victim's death was not caused by the crash and the charge was withdrawn. 


Zuma took the stand on Wednesday to give his version of events. 


He told the court on the rainy night of the accident he was driving home to Saxonwold from Fourways and did not see a pool of water, which caused his Porsche to lose control and spin. 


Zuma said he tried to take control of the steering wheel but it would not respond, so he continued to hold onto it. 

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He said he was initially driving at 120km/h when he got onto the M1 but later just before the accident he had slowed down to between 90 and 100 km/h. 


State prosecutor Yusuf Baba asked Zuma when last the tyres of his Porsche were changed and he said he was not sure but confident that they were able to handle the wet weather conditions. 


He further stated that as the car spun out of control visibility became so poor he did not see he had collided with a taxi but he was aware he hit something.


Zuma told Baba while he had been using the M1 highway on a daily basis for several years, his car’slights did not switch on fully -  which is part of the reason he did not see the pool of water that caused his vehicle to lose control. 


The trial was postponed to Thursday due to faulty recording equipment.

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