African Alliance demand Chief Justice Mogoeng held accountable for ‘666’ vaccine prayer

African Alliance demand Chief Justice Mogoeng held accountable for ‘666’ vaccine prayer

African Alliance has lodged a formal complaint to the Judicial Services Commission against Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng for his ‘666’ vaccine prayer. 

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng
Pic Courtesy: @OCJ_RSA

Mogoeng made the prayer during a hospital sermon in Tembisa last year, calling God to destroy any vaccine that contains the work of the devil.

The alliance says the Chief Justice should have known better instead of frustrating the general public about the vaccine.

AA’s founder, Tian Johnson, says they want Chief Justice to be held accountable for his remarks about the vaccine.

“The position that the Chief Justice holds is a highly visible position and highly influential position. The African Alliance regards his comments around the safety of a vaccine as deeply troubling and especially in a context of a country like South Africa that is on the verge of rolling out a national vaccine plan for COVID-19.

“So, comments like Chief Justice’s comments, really number one, take our work back, the work that we have been doing across decades around vaccine safety, whether that is child immunisation or in this case, a COVID-19 vaccine."

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Johnson says South Africa has proper channels that monitor vaccines before immunisation.


“We do a lot of work to make sure that communities are aware of the science and trust in the science. South Africa has got bodies that have been set up through legal instruments which the Chief Justice should know as the country’s top judge.


“These legal instruments have set up bodies like SAHPRA that ensures that every single product you see, whether it is medicine or vaccine, through the public health service and procured by the department of Health is safe and of high quality.


“So, we have bodies in this country to ensure that whatever vaccine you see in a clinic are safe, they work, and they are of quality. Comments like his are uninformed, they are harmful and dangerous, and perhaps more, they undermine the very significance investment that we as a country we are making in eradicating the spread of COVID-19.”

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