ICYMI: All systems go for South Africans voting abroad - IEC

ICYMI: All systems go for South Africans voting abroad - IEC

The Independent Electoral Commission has declared its readiness to ensure the smooth running of voting abroad.


South African citizens living abroad will vote on Friday and Saturday ahead of the May 29 general election.


The commission briefed the media on its state of readiness on Tuesday.


The commission assured that all missions have already received voting materials, which include ballot papers, voting booths, envelopes, and voter lists.  


IEC Chief Electoral Officer Sy Mamabolo said special votes will be placed in an unmarked envelope to protect the secrecy of the vote.


"After the voting process, cast national compensatory ballots in their double envelopes will be transported through a secure channel back to the national office of the Electoral Commission for counting.


“To protect the secrecy of the vote, all such special votes are first placed in an unmarked envelope, which is then inserted into a second envelope marked with the voting station and voter’s particulars for verification on the list of approved special votes.


“The envelope is then placed in the ballot box," said Mamabolo.


Mamabolo said South Africans in nine countries will cast ballots on Friday while the rest of the 102 countries will vote on Saturday.


"Given the high number of expected voters in London at 24,194, this station will operate on both the 18 and 19 May 2024.


“The international segment of the voters roll for out-of-country voters has 56,698 voters, but the total expected to vote is 76,580. 


“This comes after the approval of 20,886 VEC10 notifications from voters who informed the Chief Electoral Officer of their intention to vote outside of the country due to temporary absence.”


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