Amusement ride accident kills one in US, others injured

Amusement ride accident kills one in US, others injured

A malfunction in an amusement ride at the Ohio State Fair sent riders catapulting through the air Wednesday, killing one and injuring seven, US media reported.

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Ohio Governor John Kasich ordered all the fair rides shut down after the accident on the Fire Ball ride, a giant pendulum that swings riders in carts from side to side.

A spokesman for the Columbus, Ohio fire department told reporters an 18-year-old male was thrown 50 feet (15 meters) and killed on impact.

Three other people were reported in critical condition and four more were in stable condition.

Rhonda Burgess, who was at the fair with her three children, told CNN the accident involved carts carrying riders that were attached to the end of the pendulum.

A piece on one of the carts "snapped off and the riders came out of the cart," she said.

"At least two (people) flew through the air at least 20 feet before landing on their backs on the concrete," Burgess said.

David Evans, director of the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center where some of the injured were taken, likened the accident to a high speed car crash in which the occupants are ejected from the vehicle.

"This was a great force and a great mechanism," he said.

The accident occurred on the opening day of the Ohio State Fair in Columbus.

The Columbus Dispatch said the ride, built by KMG, was billed as an "aggressive thrill."

This is the ride:

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