ANC distances itself from ‘warmongering’ Youth League

ANC distances itself from ‘warmongering’ Youth League

The African National Congress (ANC) on Thursday said it was distancing itself from the utterances of Youth League president Collen Maine who allegedly called for a war with the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

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“The ANC calls upon all its members and supporters to refrain using language that is inflammatory and that could undermine our nation’s efforts of promoting and preserving political tolerance,” said ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa.

According to Kodwa, Maine said that the “EFF must be given war”. This is not the first time Maine has been accused of warmongering. His previous declaration of war had also followed statements by the EFF – who had themselves have been accused of war talk with incitements such as toppling the ANC government through the barrel of the gun and encouraging protesters to burn down ANC offices rather than schools.

“War-mongering talk is an antithesis to the type of society we envisage to build – regardless of who it comes from,” said Kodwa.

Kodwa added that the ANC, as well as all members of Parliament, carried the responsibility of restoring dignity and decorum to the House. This, he said, would include ensuring the environment was “characterised by political tolerance”. - ANA

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