ANC professionals: Black doctors treated unfairly

ANC professionals: Black doctors treated unfairly

The newly established African National Congress Professional League (ANCPL) says young health professionals are being exploited and racism is rampant in the health profession.

Woman refusing health care due to race

Speaking in Sunninghill on Thursday, the league said young, black medical professionals are being targeted.


The league’s Bandile Hadebe vowed to take their grievances to Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi and the medical aid board.


"An official racial profiling is going to be very difficult, but if you look at the list of health care professionals that are being investigated in terms of racial groups you will find that across the racial groups it's black and Indians and a young Afrikaner here and there. One Van Der Merwe coming and they use him to say the system is fair, but it is only one  Van Der Merwe."


Hadebe says the injustices need to come to an end.

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"The first key recommendation to the health professional is that we are going to be handling this matter in a very united manner. If medical schemes are going to try to fight us they're going to fight all of us together. United.


"The second one is we are demanding a termination of withholding funds during investigations and we are demanding the immediate release of currently held funds while investigations are underway."


The National Health Care Professionals Association's (NHCPA) Donald Gumede echoed Hadebe's concerns, saying medical aids are not paying black doctors fairly.


"Since the democratic dispensation, we've only managed to untie ourselves from so-called physical or optical slavery. As a black professional, we're still lagging behind and we are still slaves - financial slaves - in the economy."



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