ANC staff members ‘disgusted’ over unpaid salaries

ANC staff members ‘disgusted’ over unpaid salaries

African National Congress (ANC) staff members say they are disgusted at the attitude of the leadership for failing, yet again, to pay salaries.

ANC staff picket
Sibahle Motha

This comes as ANC staff members have not been paid their June and July salaries, despite commitments from the mother body. 


ANC workers representative, Mvusi Mdala says contributions into their provident funds have not been made in over three years. 


Mdala says they are in the process of convening an urgent meeting to decide on a way forward. 


“The Staff representative committee is in the process of convening an urgent meeting with the workers to decide on a programme of action to ensure that the leadership takes us seriously,” says Mdala.

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“We have reached a point of no return. This gross violation of our basic rights

cannot continue unabated any longer.”


During the ANC’s policy conference, President Cyril Ramaphosa assured staff members that they would be paid. 


However, that has not been the case.


“We have no alternative but to believe that our leadership has no regard for our well-being as most of them are not affected, by the financial meltdown at Luthuli House, and that we are continuously being misled so as to ensure that the work of the organization continues, as we prepare for the 55th National Conference,” adds Mdala. 

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