ArcelorMittal retrenchments could have been avoided – Solidarity

ArcelorMittal retrenchments could have been avoided – Solidarity

Trade union Solidarity says they have written to Minister of Economic Development Ebrahim Patel to try and find a solution to the retrenchments at the steel giant.

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ArcelorMittal South Africa (AMSA) is the latest company to announce retrenchments of workers.


The company announced that it is expecting to shed some 2 000 jobs as part of widespread restructuring to cut costs.


The union’s Marius Croucamp believes the retrenchments could have been avoided.

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"The clear causes for us include the continued and very high increase in electricity prices which affect the fuel plant, the introduction of carbon taxes and imports that are affecting the steel in South Africa.


"So we have written a letter to minister Ebrahim Patel to meet with industry role players to discuss the issues. Because it is not just affecting ArcelorMittal. We have seen an increase in retrenchment issued right through the industry."


The union is also in discussion with the company to try and keep the retrenchments to a minimum.

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