Arthur Fraser's affidavit ‘95% hearsay’- Paul O'Sullivan

Arthur Fraser's affidavit ‘95% hearsay’- Paul O'Sullivan

Forensic investigator Paul O'Sullivan says he doesn't believe it’s the job of the FBI to investigate the Phala Phala scandal.

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The DA announced this week that it had written to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United States to investigate allegations of money laundering against President Cyril Ramaphosa.

This follows revelations by former spy boss Arthur Fraser that a large amount of money in foreign currency was stolen at Ramaphosa’s farm in February 2020.

Ramaphosa, who has denied any criminal wrongdoing, has refused to divulge any details of the burglary.  

But O'Sullivan says there is no test of applicability that can be made from hearsay.

"We have analysed this affidavit and its 95% hearsay, if not 99% hearsay, and therefore, there is not test of applicability that can be made. If I maintain an affidavit that amounts to hearsay and I repeat those allegations, what I am actually doing is repeating hearsay of hearsay, and that to me seems as if that is what the DA has done and its very unfortunate.

“What they should really focus on doing is, doing things that helps improve the standard of living of the poorest of the poor in South Africa. I have no problem with political parties taking on anybody in the country if it is legitimate.”


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