Aunt ‘administers’ illegal abortion on niece

Aunt ‘administers’ illegal abortion on niece

A group of four suspects have been arrested after they allegedly administered an illegal abortion in Mpumalanga.

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A 20-year-old woman was kidnapped, locked in a room before her unborn baby was forcefully aborted.


Its alleged that the victim’s aunt and three other men abducted her in Secunda and took her to Ogies where they performed an illegal abortion.


She was between six and eight months pregnant.


According to police spokesperson, Mtsholi Bhembe, she was given pills for about two weeks before they administrated the illegal procedure.


The aunt and her co-accused face charges of kidnapping‚ murder and attempted murder.


Seyikabi Wilson‚ 46‚ Jingo Wassua‚ 35‚ Njombozi Katiti‚ 43 and a woman‚ Lydia Mojemba‚ 34‚ were remanded in custody.


The suspects then claimed to have disposed of the baby by throwing the body on train tracks but police say they didn't find the baby.

The case was postponed for a formal bail application in the Secunda Magistrate’s Court and is expected to be heard at the end of July.

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