Baby clothes, blankets, towels now essential goods: govt

Baby clothes, blankets, towels now essential goods: govt

Parents are now permitted to buy newborn baby and toddler products during the national lockdown.

Baby and father

In a statement on Thursday morning, the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition clarified the products as essential goods.


This after several organisations threatened to take the government to court in an attempt to reserve the ban on the sale of baby goods.


"Following requests for clarification, we confirm that this provision includes baby clothes, blankets, towels and other essential accessories for newborns, infants and toddlers up to 36 months old,” the statement said.


All stores, permitted to remain open during the lockdown for the sale of other essential goods, may continue to sell these products.


"We have been in contact with the CEO's of the large retailers, who have undertaken to sell these products at prices which simply cover their basic costs of production and distribution for the period of the lockdown."


The department adds hospitals and clinics may directly procure these products as necessary to provide for the infants in their care.

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