Baby Kidnap was staged

Baby Kidnap was staged

The kidnap of a 13-day-old baby in Kempton Park was staged.

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Police confirmed on Tuesday afternoon that the baby boy was found unharmed with its biological mother in Witbank.

On Tuesday morning the family contacted Kempton Park police notifying them of a robbery that took place at their house. During the robbery the mother and her 13-year-old daughter were tied up and the infant was kidnapped.

Throughout the day media houses carried news of the kidnapped child hoping to aid police in finding the missing boy.

Later on Tuesday Kempton Park Police confirmed it received a lead after speaking to the parents and said it was confident the baby would be found by the end of the day.

Shortly after 5pm police confirmed the kidnap was staged by the woman who claimed to be the child’s mother.

Police found that the baby’s mother was actually the niece of the complainant. The two agreed that the woman should raise the child as her own.

However, the biological mother now decided she wanted the baby back, causing the complainant to stage the kidnap in order to avoid telling her husband.

"The complainant known as Busi faked her pregnancy and the baby is that of her niece's," Kempton Park police said.

"The complainant will be charged with perjury.”The kidnap of a 13-day-old baby in Kempton Park was staged

-Jacanews (edited by Maryke Vermaak)

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