Basic Education: ‘We are ready for first day of school’

Basic Education: ‘We are ready for first day of school’

The Department of Basic Education believes schools across the country are ready to welcome pupils on their first day back at school.

High school learners
High school learners/ iStock

Public schools across the country will officially open on Wednesday for the start of the 2020 academic year.

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The department’s Elijah Mhlanga says schools are prepared to welcome new students in Grade 1 and 8.

“Teachers have been at schools for the past two days and today for them is day three, but we know for parents it’s day one and for learners it’s day one.

“Textbook deliveries are done a year before, in August and September, and then we finalise in November. We are not talking about deliveries now, we are talking about whether learners are comfortable, and everyone has what they should have.”

The department had urged parents whose children do not yet have space in a classroom to approach district offices.


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