Botswana gay ruling could be short-lived amid possible appeal

Fears that Botswana gay ruling could be short-lived

A LGBTQI-organisation in neighbouring Botswana believes it’s likely that the state will appeal Tuesday's same-sex ruling.

Botswana gay ruling

History books were rewritten following the landmark ruling by Botswana’s High Court that homosexuals are free to practice their sexuality.

Organisation Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals of Botswana says its highly likely that the country's attorney-general will appeal the ruling.

The organisation's Caine Youngman says the state will be forced by conservatives to take the ruling, which decriminalised homosexuality, on review.

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“It basically means that my rights are depending on the next person – and not afforded to me as an individual.”

Judge Michael Elburu ordered the Victorian-era laws be amended, adding that the current laws oppressed a minority of the population.

"There’s nothing reasonable in discriminating," he said.

Although Youngman praised the judicial system for the independence, he said the power lays in those who make the decisions in Botswana.

“It suggests that indeed in Botswana people should be segregated. Certain individuals have their full rights and other individuals have only certain rights. If you a homosexual it means your rights are almost cut in half.”

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