Break the BRICS Coalition to march in Sandton

Break the BRICS Coalition to march in Sandton

The Break the BRICS Coalition will march to the Sandton Convention Centre in protest against the Brics summit on Thursday.


Leaders of the BRICS emerging economies, Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa are meeting in Johannesburg this week.


The coalition's Trevor Ngwane says the annual summit leaves a lot to be desired.


"We are against their anti-working class,  anti-poor and environmentally destructive policies that they are trying to impose around the world," says Ngwane.


Ngwane says China pays its workers starvation wages and attacks trade unions.


He says in Russia, there is no real freedom. 


"[Vladimir]Putin is an elected dictator. Putin allows journalists to be killed."  


Ngwane adds India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi is illegally occupying Kashmir and in Brazil a constitutionally elected president was removed and imprisoned. 


"In South Africa [Cyril] Ramaphosa must still answer to what happened to the people of Marikana."


Listen below:

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