WATCH & LISTEN: Here is a recap of this morning's top news stories.

Breakfast Edition: 16 March 2016

WATCH & LISTEN: Here is a recap of this morning's top news stories.


SA'S ECONOMY UNDER THE SPOTLIGHT AGAIN: A team of international ratings agency, Moody's was expected to arrive in the country on Wednesday. They would be visiting South Africa until Friday to assess the country's economic health and future. They were expected to inform the country of new credit rating that would be issued. Preparations for this visit was one of the main reasons cited by Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan, why he would not been able to answer 27 questions by the Hawks regarding the so-called SARS rogue unit. Gordhan has now given his legal team instruction to prepare a response. Pieter van der Merwe has more. 

Pravin Gordhan - gallo

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL REACTS TO AL BASHIR RULING: The Supreme Court of Appeal's judgment on Sudanese president Omar al Bashir was a landmark decision according to Amnesty International. On Tuesday the court ruled that allowing al Bashir to leave the country during the AU Summit last year - despite a High Court order - was unlawful. At the time of his visit the ICC had already issued a warrant for his arrest, for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. Maryke Vermaak has more. 

Zuma, Al-Bashir

EDUCATION READY FOR REGISTRATION SEASON: The scramble for registration in Gauteng schools was fast approaching. This year, Gauteng Education MEC, Panyasa Lesufi wanted to do it better and he has confirmed that the on-line registration application system would go live next month. Silindelo Masikane reports.


POLICE KEEPING AN EYE ON ZANDSPRUIT PROTEST: Police were monitoring a protest by members of the Zandspruit settlement that affected traffic on Beyers Naudé drive on the West Rand. No one has been injured or arrested and no damage reported. The Joburg Metro Police's Edna Mamonyane said the service delivery protest started on Tuesday.

Looting Zandspruit
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MOTORIST ALLEGEDLY ASSAULTED BY JMPD OFFICER: A video has surfaced online of a motorists allegedly being assaulted by an officer of the Johannesburg Metro Police Department. The video was shared on social media sites with people reacting to the incident. The Justice Project South Africa released a statement saying that the viral video acutely demonstrates the urgent need for proper training and discipline which exists in the Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department.


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